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#Indispensable x messed up remover

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    The natural corn-based solvent enriched with castor oil.

    Capacity: 50 mL

    “The Damaged” are varnishes normally destined for destruction that you can save! They have the same formula derived from bio-based ingredients and are still formulated WITHOUT endocrine disruptors.

    Their differences? They have small imperfections such as a scratch on the bottle or a trace of varnish on the cap for example.

    At Clever Beauty, we go further!

    After our anti-waste cap, we decide to make a difference in our manufacturing process. Production rejects are normally destroyed and contribute to waste. At Clever Beauty we decide to enhance them and make them unique.

    The little extra anti-waste?

    Equipped with a metering pump, it allows you to apply the right amount of product to the cotton. Only 3 pressures are enough to remove makeup from one hand. Its glass bottle is recyclable.

    French made.

    Ingredients: Ethyl acetate, perfume, ricinus communis seed oil.

    Weight: 200g

    Dissolvant Clever beauty, naturel et non toxique