Dissolvette #REDOUTABLE - Limited edition

Dissolvette #REDOUTABLE - Limited edition

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    Say goodbye to disposable cotton pads and hello to washable wipes! Here are 4 incredible washable wipes for gentle nail polish removal from your nails. 

    100% French manufacturing, local and solidarity

    Let's go further against waste with washable wipe #REDOUTABLE dedicated to nail polish. 

    Our wipes are assembled by disabled workers in Marseille 30km from Clever Beauty HQ.

    Combined with the natural scented remover #INDISPENSABLE, this wipe effectively helps at gentle nail polish removal from your nails.

    use : Apply a few drops of #INDISPENSABLE Clever Beauty remover on your #REDOUTABLE washable wipe. Rub your nail until the varnish disappears. Repeat the operation for each nail.

    Maintenance advice : Machine wash at 40 ° C in a washing net or by hand.

    The tissue can take on the color of the varnish but don't panic! This is perfectly normal. Your #REDOUTABLE wipe is dedicated to removing nail polish from the nail and will be effective even with previous traces of varnish.


    4 wipes of 10.5 x 5.5 cm