#INTREPIDE nail file in natural stone

#INTREPIDE nail file in natural stone

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    Zero waste nail file made of natural stone and designed to last for life!

    The #INTREPIDE nail file in soft stone allows you to shorten, file and shape the nails with precision, avoiding the splitting of the nails. 

    To complete your green manicure routine, nothing better than the stone nail file 100% natural and infinitely usable !

    The #INTREPIDE nail file in natural and soft stone from the Pyrenees, is shaped by hand in the last French natural whetstone factory. She was recognized Living Heritage Company.

     Ideal for manicured and healthy nails!

    Composition: 100% natural stone from the Pyrenees

    French made

    Size: Length 10.7cm Thickness 0.5cm.


    • A side with a smooth finish, obtained thanks to water polishing, allows you to file your nails gently. This face can also be used as a polisher on the top of the nail. One side with cradled finish, for greater grip and a perfect finish.

    • Shape your nails by first filing the sides and then the top. Oval, square, pointed, choose the shape that suits you best! File your nails always in the same direction to avoid weakening your nails.  

    • Your #INTREPIDE nail file lasts for life for a zero waste manicure! It does not require any particular maintenance. After a few uses, you can clean it with a mild soap by brushing it under warm water.