Dissolvette #REDOUTABLE x4

Dissolvette #REDOUTABLE x4

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    4 washable wipes to remove nail polish from your nails

    The ideal zero waste alternative that replaces disposable cottons


    4 washable wipes #REDOUTABLE
    Composition: 100% cotton
    Oeko-tex certified

    100% French manufacturing, local and solidarity

    Let's go further against waste with washable wipe #REDOUTABLE dedicated to nail polish. 

    Our wipes are assembled by disabled workers in Marseille 30km from Clever Beauty HQ.

    Combined with the natural scented remover #INDISPENSABLE, this wipe effectively helps at gentle nail polish removal from your nails.

    Use : Apply a few drops of our natural nail polish remover on your washable wipe. Rub your nail until the nail polish disappears. Repeat the operation for each nail.

    Advice : Machine wash at 40 ° C in a washing net or by hand.

    The cotton fabric can take on the color of the nail polish but don't panic! This is perfectly normal. Your wipe is dedicated to removing nail polish from the nail and will be effective even with previous traces of nail polish.


    4 wipes of 10.5 x 5.5 cm